HyperTrack Integration


HyperTrack is a tracking-as-a-service platform for businesses worldwide that want to monitor their operations and power a great customer experience.


Tracking Use Case – Why we needed it?


In an on-demand economy where supply is driven by efficient and data-driven systems, it is imperative for startups to provide a tracking mechanism for customers. Tracking has evolved from a luxury tool to a more essential one in this smartphone era. One of the other use-cases in this instance for us is to have real time updates on Service Executive locations to better serve our customers. Since all of our executives are going to carry a location enabled smartphone, it will be easier to achieve greater operational efficiency from a business standpoint.

Importance of 3rd party APIs

Integrated in our Admin Portal

Unified applications and infrastructure that enabled businesses back in the day have paved way for more distributed and adaptable modules in this age of enterprise cloud-based products. So it makes sense not to expend time and resources to reinvent the wheel and instead to work with existing reliable SaaS solutions that help solve the problem. This allows us to focus on our core functionality while maintaining the flexibility that the third-party APIs provide.

Why HyperTrack?

Real-time Analytics in HyperTrack Dashboard

Tracking was always one of our important pre-requisites since it helps create a sense of assurance for customers and better monitoring capabilities for us. Our initial plan was to build this functionality in-house until we came across HyperTrack which pretty much fits all our requirements. The functionalities and capabilities that the HyperTrack APIs provide are seamless to integrate with and their dashboard gives us good insights into scale, performance and real-time analytics of the system. Our developers have been working closely with Tapan and co. for the last few weeks. We’re testing out the integration and plan to go live with HyperTrack once we’re ready for market launch in Chennai & Hyderabad.